Alrighty folks! While you probably read on my blog crowleyparty that I have too many clothes in my closet and I am trying to downsize! But before I just give this stuff away, I thought I would give my fellow bloggers a looksie to see if you guys wanted anything :) Most things will be really cheap!

A good portion of these have hardly been worn at all for various reasons, like something didn't fit right, but it was too cute to return... I am strange like that and grow attachments to clothes. Ask my mama. So I will give a detailed description about each item so you know what you are getting.

*All purchases will be made through PayPal, so please sign up for a free account. I have a link on the sidebar if you are not familiar with their services.

*There will be no refunds.

*Shipping costs vary depending on how much you are ordering, so I will let you know in your paypal invoice how much it would be. I will be shipping in a Flat Rate Envelope or a Flat Rate Box depending on how much you order, and I will only be shipping within the states.

To purchase an item, please just comment on the post with your name and paypal e-mail address, and I will send you an invoice through paypal (please pay within 24 hours). Once that payment goes through, I will put SOLD on the posted item, and ship out your package!

Just because you might not be the first comment on an item, doesn't mean you shouldn't comment still. If anything falls through (ex: someone doesn't pay the paypal invoice) the item will go to the next person's comment.


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